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Ann Arbor Paving Company Helps Grocery Store Traffic

A grocery store owner recently called Asphalt Solutions a few weeks ago. The grocery store owner was looking for the best paving company in Ann Arbor who could help get more traffic to come into their store. His current parking lot was very small, and was in disrepair. Some of the parking spaces needed to be expanded as well. The owner was worried that the entire parking lot would have to be torn up, and a new parking lot installed. This was something he did not think he would be able to afford, so the project’s budget was a major concern of his. He called Asphalt Solutions because he heard we were the best paving company Ann Arbor businesses regularly turned to for effective and affordable services.

The Asphalt Solutions specialists met with the owner at his store. We took a look at the parking lot to see what options we could provide him. We were able to offer him with patching, crack filling, sealcoating, then new striping, which would provide him with the parking lot that he wanted and his business needed. The customer was overjoyed with the news, and our crew started on the work. The Asphalt Solutions was able to have his parking lot just like new within just a few days. The customer couldn’t get over the transformation. He said that Asphalt Solutions is the paving company Ann Arbor residents should call for all their asphalt needs, because we were able to provide him with a variety of options, even though he didn’t have a huge budget.

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