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Asphalt Solutions Plus
Asphalt Solutions Plus, MI’s best Asphalt contractor. We strive every day to remain the premier provider of pavement construction, maintenance, and asphalt repair for both new and existing asphalt (bitumen) parking lots. We offer asphalt paving, asphalt repair, sealcoating, crack filling, suband much more. Our highly trained and experienced team is committed to maintaining the highest levels of workmanship with quality being our top priority. We are available in Battle Creek, MI, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, MI, Farmington Hills, MIPlymouth, MI, Bloomfield, MI, Canton, MIGrand Rapids, MI  Jackson, MI, NoviLivonia and the surrounding areas. We offer an innovative pavement management system to help maintain roads, parking lots, pathways and more. This helps our clients achieve their goals on time and within budget.

Asphalt Solutions Plus Asphalt Paving Michigan

Our Top Services include Asphalt paving, asphalt patching, chip seal, asphalt maintenance, Parking lot paving, Asphalt milling, asphalt repair (crocodile cracking, potholes, bleeding, rutting) & parking lot sealcoating.

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As a full service asphalt contractor, you can expect only the best from our specially trained and experienced staff. Our teams high standards and dedication provide only the best workmanship, the highest levels of customer service, and extreme attention to detail. This has allowed us to both establish and maintain long term relationships where we meet the needs of our customers while exceeding their expectations. We have extensive hands on knowledge of warm-mix asphalt technologies, the best techniques and methods with over 100 years of combined experience in the paving industry. The end results is a quality job completed on time and on budget. Our customers throughout the state of Michigan have depended on us to provide them with the very best in asphalt paving and maintenance services and we are confident that you will enjoy everything that ASP can do to improve your asphalt concrete parking lot.

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You'll always get a courteous and professional crew because our team leaders supervise every project side-by-side with the highest trained technicians in Michigan. Best of all we self perform all work -- no subcontractors. Professional service and communication to each customer is the way we prefer to work. We provide expert installation because we know our reputation depends on it.

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250 years & counting

Asphalt Solutions Plus Asphalt Paving MI
Our team has more than 250 combined years of experience in asphalt paving and maintenance. We're dedicated to keeping your parking lots looking their best with Pavement Management Planning. We understand traffic patterns, drainage and usage loads which helps us recommend a solution that fits your needs, your budget and your time frame. We custom tailor each job for your individual needs, not what's easiest for us.
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Asphalt Paving Industry 101

Asphalt Paving MI Asphalt Solutions Plus
Workmanship, materials and price—you can have any 2 of the 3, but it is not possible to have all 3 at the same time. If you put price first, either workmanship or materials will be sacrificed. Let workmanship and materials be your starting point…you will be glad you did.

Remember "New Every Two"

Parking Lot Maintenance Company Asphalt Solutions Plus
A good rule of thumb for asphalt maintenance. Many issues and treatments need to be dealt with on a regular basis - usually every 2 to 3 years depending on traffic volume. There are many benefits to regular asphalt inspection and maintenance such as smaller repair costs, safety and of course appearance.